Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get Paid To Share Media Files At Docstoc.com

Earning with doc cash

How To Earn With DocStoc.com?

Whenever you need to share a document online, just try out DocStoc and upload it there. As soon as upload in complete, you will get a download link, which has your Google Adsense ads. Whenever your ad is clicked, you will get money to your Adsense account, it’s very simple (note, Doc Cash shares the revenue generated on your page 50/50)!

To get started with Doc Cash you need:

1) Register yourself an account at Docstoc.com – it takes just several minutes provided you have a working Google Adsense account
2) Fill in the information that concerns your Adsense earning options. If you don’t have a working account yet, learn more about Google Adsense and apply for an account.
3) Upload your documents and start promoting them. Check out my tutorials about file sharing for more potential revenue.
4) Get some ad clicks and money by sharing media files

There are various ways of synchronizing your files with your current blog, website or any of the popular web 2.0 property. Earning money is simple, you can sure give it a try. Telling the truth, I will be using more of this software now and will kindly write more and Docstoc.com in the future.

The making money with media files is a lot of fun, check out the complete guide.