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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make Money Online Answering Surveys At

Have you ever thought about making money online free online answering surveys and questionnaires? I have always wanted to do it too after reading a lot about it online, I got very excited about it. After a long hard research I have found the world’s best survey website and it’s

After joining this survey panel I was impressed with the number of available surveys and some other useful things. This company is going an awesome job passing only the best surveys to you, so you don’t end up filling in something you don’t really know about. This survey website is my favorite, that’s why I want to tell you more about the whole process of earning money with surveys at

So what actually Survey4Profit is?

This website is just a huge survey company that gives you a one of a kind opportunity to make money online filling in surveys. is looking for the residents of United States, Canada, UK and Australia who are at least 18 years old.

All members are paid to take quick surveys and quizzes. These surveys usually usually cover various topics, and your own interests, but sometimes there are surveys from the general field of knowledge. These surveys are perfectly matched for you, there is nothing hard, telling the truth.

How much money I can earn?

The website is based on the performance incentive – the more surveys you complete and them more complex they are, the more money you will make. For every survey and quiz you take, you receive certain amount of points. These points are accumulated in your account, until you have enough to redeem them for cash or the available prize. Prizes usually include : free gift cards, free entries into monthly drawings, and real cash.

Also, I want to tell that there are some surveys that actually pay you in cash right away. These are usually are more complex, but they are worth like 10-20$.

Free paid surveys.

Conclusion : I’m so glad that I have found this company and now I can tell you about it too. There are so many advantages of using this company, if you are actually from United States, Canada, UK or Australia

Make Easy Money Doing Surveys And Offers At

Introduction: Recently I stumbled onto another Get Paid To Try website. I have been registered with it for a long time, and I have to admit that I just forgot about The website I’m going to tell you about it associated with affiliate network, which is the main source for offers and advertiser’s products, not just for this selected GPT site, but for many others. After telling you this, I think that questions “Will I get paid” won’t arise at all. Such huge company won’t risk it’s reputation for a couple hundred dollars.

How to start earning with

To start off, you need to register by filling in the short application. This website accepts members from all over the world, the only restriction is the amount of offers for certain country. But I think that all countries can enjoy the cash back offer, but more about this just a bit later on. In addiction, IPZ is a great place to earn for kinds. Everyone who is older then 13 years old can register at and take advantage of their offers. Some easy pocket money won’t hurt our children.

After filling in the application and verifying your email address you are all ready to start earning your money. Oh, haven’t stated that members get 5$ reward for signing up, which is really cool, because you can reach the cash-out limit really fast. By the way, by default the withdrawal limit is set to 20$ and this get paid to try website pays by checks and various gift cards.

So now about earning with this website, there are two ways to making cash with InstantProfitz – complete sponsored offers and shop online getting verious rebates. Both of these work just fine, the first method is great for every earner – all you have to do is try out sponsored products or services, also you can make money playing trivia games and even gamble ; the other one is good when you buy anything online, as far as IPZ co-operates with the most popular online merchants.

Get Instant Profitz!

Conclusion: Though, I forgot about this awesome income opportunity, it’s not late to sign up and make money online with free products. Even if you don’t want to do surveys or try products, you can always refer your friends or just spread the word on popular social sites like Facebook and MySpace ; also you are always welcome to write about this website on your blog/squidoo lens or HubPage – then just Digg/Stumble it. A lot of people would just love it, especially teenagers, who are always looking for pocket money. You will receive 20% of what your referrals make, and it’s a great start to making good money online.

Make Money Online Taking Simple Surveys – Review

Internet money making is a huge business today due to global financial crisis. More and more people crave to make some fast cash to pay off their loans, and Internet jobs is a great way out. But the crisis has caused a new problem – the amount of Internet scams has doubled (if not tripled) over the last decade.

Web-masters earn more cash by scamming people, that’s way it’s vital to stay up to date and join only trusted websites. One of such websites (trusted ones) is So now more about this make money online opportunity. has been around for a while, and I haven’t found any negative replies about this company so far. At first they were officially launched in the UK in 2002. After a successful start they launched a global version one their website in 2006 (the one you can see now). During the time of their existence they have gained good survey company reputation and there are thousands of registered members.


But there are still some questions to solve, most of us have read about making money online with surveys and it does sound like a scam, so
How Does Work? | Can We Earn With It?

According to all positive replies, this website does work, and you won’t become super rich with this website (but you can start earning cash online). All you have to do is simply register with Pure Profile and answer some questions based on different factors, including your personal likes (taken from the profile). Usually you get email notifications about available surveys, where businesses ask you thought about their product or service, not a big deal actually, but you will earn for doing so. Every email has a link to the survey and usually the number of available surveys is limited.

Another question is
How And How Much Do I Get Paid At Pure Profile?

Pureprofile’s website states that you will receive minimum of £1.00 for every survey you complete. You will have to complete all the survey to receive a credit, and they do have tricky questions to make sure that you actually read the questions. It takes no more then 5 minutes to see your money roll in, don’t expect 20 surveys per day, but there are a sufficient amount of these available.

As for the redemption – you have several choices of receiving you cash. You can either:

1. Have PureProfile sending you a cheque. However, you need at least £25.00 to request money by cheque.
2. Money earned on PP can be redeemed for points, which on their turn can be spent on various merchandise at their partner stores.

3. Exchange earned money for CD-WOW voucher. £8.99 and £14.99 vouchers are available for redemption at
4. Be really nice and donate money to the local charity organizations.’s Registration Process

Registration with Pureprofile is pretty much easy and straight forward. In order to become a member you must be at least 18 years of age. Registration takes no more then 30 seconds (that’s what their website says ;) ). So to to register just click the banner in this post. They don’t require any personal information except your full name, address and email.
Earn Money Referring Friends

If you don’t feel like filling in surveys, you can always spread the word and get paid for it. has a bonus referral program, and you will receive up to 5 pounds per every friend that joins under your personalized link.

Getting referrals has never been easier, you can write about this website in your blog, or send the link to your friends on FaceBook. I bet a lot of them would be highly interested in the offer.

New members are easily attracted to this website, because when being a member of Pureprofile you get credited right away, and no one has to wait for their money. You can say that you

“…do recommend this site for those of you wanting to earn a few extra pounds in your spare time. You don’t have to put in quite a lot of effort to begin earning money, just complete your profile and once that is done you will receive offers from the advertisers…”

I have some experience with this website and I can certainly tell about the pros and cons of this website.

The main advantages are:

Minimum of £1.00 for every survey you take.
One pound is not a limit, you can get up to £4 for every survey.
Money are credited instantly (in several minutes).
There are several options of receiving your money.
Surveys are pre-screened to match your likes.
You never receive spam from them
Surveys are really fast and easy to complete.

… and the disadvantages:

Not that much surveys are available
It’s kind of hard to redeem money for points and vouchers.


So, this survey website is for those, who don’t want to be scammed and would like to start making money online. Even if you don’t have many surveys to complete, or don’t like to – there is always an option to refer your friends. – Start Earning Gift Cards And Cash for Your Participation

The Internet is getting bigger and bigger, so the main cause of this fact – there are more of free sites where you can join and earn fast by completing totally free offers, taking easy surveys, and do the online cash-back shopping. The amount of this websites is growing rapidly, so it’s hard to find the up-to-date information, I do the research every day, so I can tell with confidence that the website I’m reviewing today is paying.

Usually I state the real information, because I don’t want to use my referral link to attract people to websites. If someone uses the referral links, they do want to make some cash of you, I don’t so I think you can trust me…

So what is is free Internet company that gives you a change to get free gift-cards, or cash for taking surveys, or singing up for free or trial offers, you can also try out new products and write your truthful reviews. Every time you complete an offer or sign-up for a trial, you receive a certain amount of points (500 points are equal to 10$ gift card of your choice). And when you have a sufficient amount of credits, you can redeem them for a gift card or cash if you wish. Does it sound complicated? – No! gives you a unique chance to earn some cash in your spare time, but I’ve got to tell you about the requirements for joining QuizPoints.

<span class=qp.JPG">

In order to become a member you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid email address. Only US citizens are accepted at this time. Email is the only way to recover your password, so make sure you state the right one. If you have never tired get paid to websites, feel free to read my tutorial about making money on the Internet trying products.

Ok, now I’d like to explain the whole process of earning with Quiz Points in detail.

Telling the truth there are several ways of earning cash -

1. Take Surveys (sign up free for survey companies)

A lot of people tend to say that web surveys is another scam, but it’s not always true. There are some legit research companies, where anyone can make money online, for instance QuizPoints is a big exception, here you can earn money for sure, but not something like 50$ an hour.

2. Complete offers (some free, some cost money)

Earning money with offers is a whole different story. There are various strategies of earning and I think you know them now, if you have read the guide. There are three types of offers:

Free Registration Offers
Such offers are totally free, here you just have to submit personal information and apply for a service offered by the advertiser. Usually they ask you for your full name, email and place of residence. So you just join the community, and advertisers send you their offers from time to time (to your email of course). Providing the right information is a key to earning, you must avoid fraud, because such registrations are not credited. The average price for such sign-ups – $0.5-$2 (if you exchange the points).

Offers That Require A Credit Card
These offers usually require credit cards to activate trial membership. You can cancel the offer within the trial period and earn your money, and don’t pay credit card fees. Such registrations include: Netflix, Napster, Blockbuster offers etc. Such offers are worth more and can give you up to 50$.

Cash Back Shopping Offers
All of us use Internet for purchases. Here you have to visit the advertiser’s website and buy anything you like. For every purchase you will receive some money back (up to 10%). For instance: if you click the Ebay link and buy a 200$ product, so you will end up receiving 20$ in points at Quiz Points.

3. Earn credits by referring new users

There are sure more money to be make on this get paid to website. Like at DealBarbiePays you can also earn more points by spreading the word. would pay you to tell your friends about their website, and make them register with your referral link which looks like this

Due to financial crisis a lot of people would like to try something like this, so this type of websites is getting more and more popular nowadays. That’s why the only question would be – “How to find more active referrals?”

You can try out the most common and easy ways, which include:

  1. Email the referral link to your friends, but don’t spam to much.
  2. Post the link on social sites such as Facebook and Myspace
  3. Create a video on Youtube
  4. Start a blog, Squidoo lens or Google Knol
  5. Include the link to your blog in forum’s signature

And the last thing to know is payment information or how you get paid.

If you want to get your cash, you need at least 500 points in your account. Such amount of points is equal to a gift cards or PayPal cash (10$). If you choose to receive a gift card – there are a lots of stores to choose from the most popular are, Best Buy, JCPenney, Kohl’s, GAP, Target, Borders, Wal-Mart, OldNavy ect.

As you can see, there are money to be made online. If you start your free blog and write about ways to make money, you get even more chances to earn cash. Just give it a try and you won’t regret it for sure!

Earn Money Creating Video Guides for MetaCafe

In this Internet era, a lot of users are studying new stuff online. I know you have seen all those “How-To Videos” on YouTube, MetaCafe and other video sharing websites. But did you know that thousands of Metacafe members make thousands of dollars from cool how-to videos? Yeah, that is possible, this list shows Top 10 moneymakers at MataCafe. The first ranked video maker has made over 100,000$ with his how-tos. His video “Turn a flashlight into a laser” has made him more then 10,000$!

So how could you actually make money with Metacafe, pretty simple I would say :

1) Create a cool video guide (simplicity is a great way, even a “How to install Wordpress” tutorial will do just great!)

2) Upload it and promote it hard, because the more views you get at first – the better.

MetaCafe will pay you 5$ for every 1000 views your video gets on our site. Payment starts after your video reaches 20,000 views and has a rating of 3.00 or higher(that is to ensure that viewers like your video). When you have 20,000 , then get ready for a flood of dollars! Metacafe has more then a million viewers a day, and I think you may end up getting 1000-5000 views a day easily!

To make it clear, not all videos are suitable for the MetaCafe reward program, you will have to read the ” How Do I Qualify For Producer Rewards? ” post.

Keep that in mind, that your first 20,000 views is the key to success, you have a lot of friends online, so don’t hesitate to spread the word about your how-to video, that might interest your friends :lol:

Keep it simple, but don’t forget about the creativity when you are trying to make money with MetaCafe Producer rewards !

Good luck, and hopefully you will do just great! Pays 400$ For Every Popular Video You Upload!

The title says it all! Totally no BS :) is supposed to be a YouTube killer, as they pay its users for every video they upload. If their video, image or game gets popular they pay you 400-600$ guaranteed. There are a lot of people who have been paid already, according to their site over 1000000$ have been paid out!

If you are creative, and you need an extra cash flow into your pocket, then is just for you. Most of us have cool videos from collage, school or even places where we work. Even a simple photo or trivia game could make you 400$ in no time.

You have nothing to loose, Internet is waiting for your awesome videos, all you have to do is :

  1. Find, create or shoot an awesome video
  2. Post it on
  3. Tell your friends about this video
  4. Get ready to get your cash reward! (Remember it’s 400$)

Good luck, and I wish you hear that someone has actually got paid by this website! :mrgreen:

Earn Cash By Uploading And Promoting Your Videos At

Some of you may have seen my previous blog posts related to making money online uploading and sharing video media. If you haven’t yet, please take a look : Pays 400$ For Every Popular Video You Upload!
Get 10$ To Review Anything You Have At Home
Earn Money Creating Video Guides for MetaCafe

I decided that is not enough information for a good video creator or someone who has a lot of video and can share it easily. That’s why this time I will tell you how to make money online with such cool website as This time I want to break it down for you :

What is Revver?

Revver is the first viral video network like YouTube and Metacafe, but this one acually pays you to upload and promote your videos. This site connects video creators and advertisers in one place, so you could find your advertisers with uploaders.

How does Revver work?

You upload your vidoes to Revver and start promoting it. Revver automatically adds sponsored ads to your video. So you will earn money for every sponsored ad clicks (80% share applies)

How could I earn with Revver?

There are two ways of earning money with Revver. The first one is a big harder, but I think you will do just great. To make money online with the first method, you’ve got to provide original video content.
If you like creating cool original videos, you can make a lot of money to upload them to this website and get 50% for every ad revenue share.
The other way to earn is to share other people’s videos. That is right, you can add a simple video widget to your site and get 20% revenue share for all advertisements on videos you promote.

Conclusion : This is another great to make money online and hopefully you will make money with this one. Start by uploading just one video and see how much you could make.

Hopefully you like this post, then you can leave a reply here!

Sell your photos and make money with

Everyone of us has a lot of cool pictures in our photo albums, even if we are not professionals. Some people just make photos for fun, memories and some gorgeous views. But if you think you have some cool and unique photos, you can actually make money selling them online. Or maybe you are starter or a professional photographer and you want to make some quick money. That’s where gets handy :) has has millions of images from thousands of photographers, picture agencies and national collections where users buy photos and you can join this community for free!

This agency has grown a lot recently and now they offer a whopping 65% revenue share, this means, they will take care of the business and will charge you only 35%. All you have to do is just to sit on your sofa and watch you balance grow! By the way, values you privacy and copyright, you can redistribute and resell your photos whenever and however you want, even if they are for sale at

The whole system is easy to use and it’s not hard to register and use this website.

Just fill in the registration form (takes just some minutes, due to authorship details), verify your account and find the suitable photo for a sale. Then will do it’s best to sell your photos, I think if the photo is cool and unique, that would be easy to make some money of it :) .

Conclusion: As you can see everyone can make money online, regardless of your abilities, likes and dislikes. Large online companies, like are looking for skilled and hard working people, they value your work. So all I can do now is to wish you good luck monetizing your photographing skills!

Make Money Online Sharing Your Photo and Video Media With Flyxia

Flixya is another YouTube like website, but this one will actually help you making money online totally free! Flixya is powered by Google Adsense , that’s why you can add your publisher code to your Flixya submissions, but I will explain how Flixya actually works.

Everything is pretty much like at YouTube and MetaCafe, you share your favorite videos, upload photos or start a free blog. When you have submitted your material to this website, you are ready to monetize by adding Google Adsense. Flixya helps you to make friends and get extra income stream online in no time! Thousands of members earn a lot money sharing their media files, and you can be the next one :) As for me, it’s not that hard to upload some videos and show them to your friends, but just imagine how much money it can make you.

The best part about this website is that Flixya pays 100% revenue via Google Adsense (they are like a charity organization :) ) . No fees and no website needed to make money online with this awesome website. Also, you can make money by sharing videos discovered on Youtube, Google Video, MetaCafe, etc. And that is not it, you can also earn even more by referring your friends. Every referred friend gives you certain amount of points which give you a change to win cool prizes.

Conclusion: Well, I see a big earning potential in this website, because there is no alternatives really. That’s why I’m going to check out this awesome website right now, and hopefully you will hear my success story pretty soon (at least I hope so). Video marketing is another good thing I’ve been looking at recently, so it’s a good way to try it out. Any feedback or comments about this website are highly appreciated.