Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get Free Presents Playing Arcade Games At Prizee.com

Internet moneymaking has become very popular, now you can making money online doing almost anything – doing surveys, running blogs, creating various websites and even get paid to play games.

This time I want to tell you about another website, which offers you free prizes (including cash) for playing simple trivia games.

The current website is called Prizee.com and it has been created in 2000. I guess that you can really trust it’s reputation. Here you can play free games and win presents instantly, including real cash! Many Incomebooster users asked me about the daily game limits. After looking around for a while, I found out that you can earn cash at Prizee.com by playing as many games a day as you wish.

But there is only one thing, you will be credited only for 12 game plays (you receive points for playing games at Prizee.com). Points are accumulated until you get enough credits to redeem points for prizes. Currently prizes include 25 digital photo frames and 10 Canon Powershot cameras (5 Nintendo DS are coming up)! If you have friends who love playing games and want to earn fast cash, you can earn money to referring them.

Prizee: Free Games and Presents!

They only thing I can tell you – I haven’t tried this get paid to play website for a long time. Just played for a day or two and earned some bubz (that’s how they call bonus points.)

These websites tend to appear and disappear really fast, so my recommendation – better do some research before trying it.

Prize winning scams have become such an issue that the government has stepped in. These organizations has launched a campaign warning people of the dangers that exist with fraudulent prize drawings. Better not fill in your personal data and never send money up front. If everyone took note of this, prize winning scams would have no power or funds to exist.

But I don’t think that program, which existed over 8 years now would scam you.