Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get A Chance Of Winning Free Prizes By Searching At Blingo.com

Introduction: Ever wondered how much search engine owners are making? According to some newspaper ads, Google.com is making $342.8 million in a quarter, with $1.38 billion in revenue. So that means that Google Corporation is making
$3,808,889 a day
$158,704 an hour
$2,645 a minute
or just $44 a second.

Who won’t like to get a piece of that? That’s why, businessmen decided to create sponsored search engines, and share the revenue with the users. Because search engine is useless without the traffic, that makes sense.

So, as you might have figured out – get paid to search industry is getting really popular right now. Currently there are over 10 websites who reward you for using sponsored search engines. And Blingo.com is one of them.

How To Earn Money With Blingo.com?

Like all other sponsored search engines, Blingo rewards you for using their search engine, which is, by the way, powered by Google. This means, that you are getting the top notch search results, and in addition, you get a chance to receive instant prize. The Blingo system, is set up to reward every user to does the special custom search every day. For instance, on Monday they set winning keyword to be “Acai Berry fruit” – and the first to do this search gets the prize. Well, this complany gives away many prizes, for instance – I’ve just seen the notification that someone from Willingboro, NJ has just won $1200 cash prize. That’s a lot of money, I would say, at least for an instant prize.